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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hail to the chief, he's finally taken my submission ! Is there any reason besides tormenting the students that we have submissions ? That one time of the year when all the the days bunked for quizzes,events n what not need to be acccounted for, with a calendar,receipts n certificates to prove them...
Our college has reached new heights of dastardliness this year, with our ran-away-from-yerawada princi issuing orders to solve one paper for every lecture below 75% n the prof's issuing correction after correction with that stupid grin on their faces. What is it with these ppl ? Weren't they ever students ? Do they just need continue that viscious circle of everybodying taking it out on the next batch that comes along ? Or is it just a ' You want the truth ? You cant handle the truth ! ' kinda thing ?


Friday, April 15, 2005

Its that time of the year again, with the submissions on full swing and exams around the corner. Thank the rain gods for the little respite from the heat and Led Zeppelin(also gods I might add) for the 'Rain Song' .Time to frolic when the rain drenches you and frown when its the vehicle next to you....


Monday, April 11, 2005

Did anybody see the Indian Express article about the disputed Arunachal Pradesh border ? I knew that the AP border with China was disputed, but those people consider the whole state to be theirs ? For crying out loud, the British handed it over to us in 1947, the government has been ruling it for 58 years now. Plus those blokes retreated to the Mcmahon line way back in 1963, after managing to capture just one town in AP after an incursion. Everybody knows the PRC policy, Tibet and Taiwan are prime examples, so they aren't the wait and watch kind, so i'm guessing the're just plain stupid.
I think the Simpsons summed it the best Mr. Wen Jiabao, when they showed Tiananmen sqaure with a giant placard in the centre that prominently proclaimed ' Nothing happened here '


Sunday, April 10, 2005

In response to Projects and Politics . Is it the company or is it us ? Why do we abandon old friends to simply do a project at someplace like PSPL ?? I for one, am waiting for my I rejected PSPL t-shirt, mostly thanks to the freak of a guy who got paired with us, and half my group, who couldn't make it. Best of luck to those who sail on that ship (no puns intended, and no offense to Salil).
Did a calculation on the total stuff downloaded in the 26 days since I got broadband, 9.7 gb is not bad if I do say so myself. On an unrelated note, does anyone doubt anymore that yesterday's match was fixed ? Now for a question that haunts me, after the 80's and 90's, are we living in the 00's ? Is it a sign of things to come ?


Saturday, April 09, 2005

I cant, for the life of me remember what my blog was called. Happened to me once before too,last year; this is the blog i had created then and its one lone post i didn't like. So it was quickly given the status of the one lone skirt wearing, nose pierced, i-am-from-latur-and-i-will-run-away-with-my-boyfriend kinda girl in your class that nobody likes to acknowledge and was quickly abandoned. Creating a third blog would have been overkill, so this one gets resurrected instead. Lets hope i dont need a revolutions version. Best of luck to my blog !

P.S. If anyone finds my old blog, please return it me, the person who does will not get a handsome cash prize !


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