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Its exam time again. Not really conducive to blogging, but this I just had to put up. For all the Google Earth fanatics out there , high resolution images of Pune are finally up. While they're not good enough to count all the potholes as of yet, they are good enough to make out the Sukhoi's at Lohegaon. (Mihir, take it easy...)

Case in point, wanton destruction of trees we call a college. Yeah, I'm talking SCOE people !!

Here's the old image , which can still be seen on Google Maps :

And the updated image, which is so far only seen on Google Earth :

And last but not least, the Sukhoi's themselves !!

Update : The above pic is of the Su-30K's of the 24th squadron. This squadron is no loner stationed at Pune. Gives a rough indication that the updated photos of Pune are roughly over a year and a half old. Hat Tip : Mihir


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