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I just happened to a shop besides Nal Stop traffic booth today. For those of you who don't know it, it is probably the Traffic Police's biggest single source of income. Their primary targets ? Those innocent souls who forget that there is no open left at Nal Stop.

Anyways, I was observing the police catch those unsuspecting and sometimes overzealous souls and how they handled them. Here's some quick calculations :

1. The Nal Stop signal has a cycle time of 90 seconds.
2. During one single cycle the police catch on average of 8-10 people.
3. Being very modest and considering the fluctuations in traffic, lets assume that 6 people are caught by the police.
4. Now, from what I remember; the fine for breaking a signal is Rs. 100. Of course we all know that we can get away by paying the cop 50 bucks n forgetting about the receipt.
5. So we have 6 people paying the cops 50 bucks every 90 seconds which go straight into their pockets.
6. Now, being very very generous lets assume that 2 out of every 6 people insist on a receipt.
7. So we end up with 4 people paying the cops 200 bucks every 90 seconds.
8. That's 200 x 40= 8000 bucks every hour.
9. Assume that the cops are on duty for 12 hrs a day. That's 8000 x 12 = Rs. 96,000 a day.
10. So over a period of one month, they earn 96000 x 30 = Rs. 28,80,000 a month.
11. On average there are 3 cops on duty at Nal Stop every day, so they each earn 2880000 / 3 = 9,60,000 a month.
12. So, we have traffic cops now who earn 10 lakh rupees a month. Which makes an annual package of 1.2 crores.

Now, if one wishes to join the Traffic Police all training,lodging and boarding is free provided you meet the fitness criteria. And their highest Indian package that I know off is 1.2 crores.

So here's the clincher. Why would anyone want to do a MBA in IIPM which after a yearly fee of Rs. 7.5 lakhs could only manage a international highest package of 36 lakhs and a national one of 8.5 lakhs ? Put 1% of those 7.5 lakhs into a gym instead and become a traffic cop ! Also, sue me IIPM !


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