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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Found : The Unix Haters Handbook

Hosted Here :

Notice that the host is Microsoft. That too, Microsoft research. A bit too much of a coincidence, no ?


Saturday, August 26, 2006

a bit of spit shine, and that's about it.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

To all the numerologically possessed, today is 06/06/06 . Supposive number of the beast and all the jazz.
Our principal was seen doing the rounds of the college today after a long and conspicuous absence, confirming our suspicions that he really is the devil incarnate.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

I've been avoiding posting for almost 2 months now, mostly due to laziness. But after one insomniac night spent listening to road paving equipment that was hell bent flouting all noise norms, I am filled with this pointless wish to post again. Someone please explain to me why the PMC decides to pave roads at unearthly hours and that too with equipment making noises that can best be described as attempts by one of the machines to perform sadistic ultraviolent acts with the other.

Take my advice, and stop reading now.

My predictions of Kaun Banega Chhatrapati might be far off but the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangha did manage to come out with Kaun Banega Ramayan Expert or KBRE as they fondly refer to it. Both of them are very interesting sites I assure you. While I can offer no resources on the Ramayan, Crystal Blur offers a very excellent take on the Mahabharat. On a similar note, the Brick Testament offers an excellent Lego oriented view of the Bible.

Then the great bike company that is Hero Honda launched the Pleasure 'only for women' as they put it. So now women can go to an exclusively for them Hero Honda showroom and buy 'Pleasure' because uptil now this sort of fun was only reserved for boys. Does no one else get what is wrong with that ?

And there's this great article by Scott Adams on Calvin & Hobbes which Kunal has also linked to. For all Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts fans I recommend Goats, which in my opinion is the greatest web comic I've ever seen. I'd suggest a start from the infinite typewriters series.

Last but not least, this place says my blog is worth $6774.48 . Any takers ?


Thursday, December 22, 2005

As if there weren't enough controversies around the Pune airport already, the great Mr. Suresh Kalmadi has proposed to rename it as the 'Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj International Airport'. Consider this, Shahu Maharaj has absolutely no connection with Pune. Pune even during his time was governed by his prime minister, Bajirao Peshwe who actually stayed here. Personally , I think that the Shahu College of Engineering is probably his strongest connection to Pune.

So, I try and imagine an scenario 50 years down the line when Chhatrapati fever is at its highest. I can see it now, Pune renamed to Shahunagar/Peshwepur/Jijaigaon or whatever the hell catches their fancy. Imagine a time when Fergusson becomes 'Thorle Chhatrapati Shaikshanik Vidyalay' if you will.

You get up to read your daily 'The Chhatrapati of India'/'The Chhatrapati Express'. You turn to page 3, now incidentally known as the Chhatrapati page to find out what happened at 10,Chhatrapati Street or the Chhatrapati Lounge. Complimented by a strong cup of Neschhatrapati. You’re angry, your favourite Chhatrapati and Hobbes strip is missing today. It does not look like this will be a bad day. You get all ready and drive to work in Chhatrapati Udyog Limited's latest 800 cc offering.A guy just misses hitting you head on. ‘Chhatrapati-fucker ! ’ you yell at him. Its your brand new car, you had to save up a lot of Chhatrapatis; you should have yelled more. You drive down Chhatrapati Marg, turn left at Chhatrapati stop, cross the 7 Chhatrapatis chowk to reach the International Chhatrapati Centre. There’s your office, sandwiched between CSPL and Chhatrapati Instruments. You head to work and greet sixty other people who are all named Chhatrapati, just like you. You then head a meeting for implementing Six Chhatrapati quality management. Later you boot up your lapchhatrapati. You remember its now loaded with Chhatrapati Buruj XP, secretly wishing you had the money that Chhatrapati Gates does.

You've had enough, you need a break. You turn on your iChhatrapati and start to browse unchhatrapatipedia. You thank god for Led Chhatrapati and Chhatrapati Floyd. Its lunch time. You sing the mandatory ‘Hail to the Chhatrapati’ that is required before ever meal. Your over strict boss makes sure of it. He reminds you suspiciously of १९८४’s Big Chhatrapati. Almost quitting time, you keep reminding yourself. Your friend brings over his C-series phone to show you. You smile, knowing your Moto Chpt is much better. That reminds of a phone call u have to make. You pick up a directory; it has only one section, the alphabet ‘C’. Quitting time. You leave, eyeing the Executive Chhatrapati’s office on your way out.

You’re home again. You’re too tired to cook dinner, its McChhatrapati’s again. You turn on the TV. Star Chhatrapati’s ‘Kyunki Thorle Chhatrapati Bhi Kabhi Chhatrapati the’ is going on. You switch immediately to the National Chhatrapati Channel. Its no use, even CBO’s ‘Chhatrapati: Nikalacha Diwas’ holds no interest for you. Wait, its Monday. ‘That Chhatrapati Show’, ‘Everybody Loves Chhatrapati’, ‘CSI: Chhatrapati’ all your favorites are on. You decide to catch up on the news, shuffling between CBC and Chhatrapati 24x7. Our latest carrier the ‘Veer Chhatrapati ‘ was launched today. The Prime Chhatrapati of Chhatrapatistan has just been assassinated. The Formula Chhatrapati season begins tomorrow. Enough, you shuffle channels and finally end up watching ‘Kaun Banega Chhatrapati’. Time for bed, its another bright sunny Chhatrapati day tomorrow.

To think it all started with an airport name.

This started over a discussion with Akshay and Mihir, many thanks to them.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Taking a cue from Maruti, I decided that all old things need a revamp. After some heavy post exam burning of the midnight oil (with pleasure i might add), my blog finally has a new look. While it is not very different from the trademark MUL 'now with improved headlights' relaunch, I do think its a pretty good job. The engine underneath remains the same as ever. Till the next exam then.

Update : For those of you who want to try out a new template, visit this : Originally a request by Salil.

Hat tip : Mihir


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Its exam time again. Not really conducive to blogging, but this I just had to put up. For all the Google Earth fanatics out there , high resolution images of Pune are finally up. While they're not good enough to count all the potholes as of yet, they are good enough to make out the Sukhoi's at Lohegaon. (Mihir, take it easy...)

Case in point, wanton destruction of trees we call a college. Yeah, I'm talking SCOE people !!

Here's the old image , which can still be seen on Google Maps :

And the updated image, which is so far only seen on Google Earth :

And last but not least, the Sukhoi's themselves !!

Update : The above pic is of the Su-30K's of the 24th squadron. This squadron is no loner stationed at Pune. Gives a rough indication that the updated photos of Pune are roughly over a year and a half old. Hat Tip : Mihir


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