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I've been avoiding posting for almost 2 months now, mostly due to laziness. But after one insomniac night spent listening to road paving equipment that was hell bent flouting all noise norms, I am filled with this pointless wish to post again. Someone please explain to me why the PMC decides to pave roads at unearthly hours and that too with equipment making noises that can best be described as attempts by one of the machines to perform sadistic ultraviolent acts with the other.

Take my advice, and stop reading now.

My predictions of Kaun Banega Chhatrapati might be far off but the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangha did manage to come out with Kaun Banega Ramayan Expert or KBRE as they fondly refer to it. Both of them are very interesting sites I assure you. While I can offer no resources on the Ramayan, Crystal Blur offers a very excellent take on the Mahabharat. On a similar note, the Brick Testament offers an excellent Lego oriented view of the Bible.

Then the great bike company that is Hero Honda launched the Pleasure 'only for women' as they put it. So now women can go to an exclusively for them Hero Honda showroom and buy 'Pleasure' because uptil now this sort of fun was only reserved for boys. Does no one else get what is wrong with that ?

And there's this great article by Scott Adams on Calvin & Hobbes which Kunal has also linked to. For all Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts fans I recommend Goats, which in my opinion is the greatest web comic I've ever seen. I'd suggest a start from the infinite typewriters series.

Last but not least, this place says my blog is worth $6774.48 . Any takers ?


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